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Calgary MQG - Annual General Meeting Minutes

Calgary Modern Quilt Guild - Annual General Meeting

Held April 18, 2024 at the Wildwood Community Association

In attendance: 36 Members and 3 guests

The Guild's President, Carole G called the meeting to order at 7:05.  She then gave an update of the guild's activities over the past year, noting that the guild has grown in size, now organizes semi-annual retreats and periodic sew days and has a robust programming calendar.  The Guild is now officially an Alberta Not-For-Profit organization.

Executive Officers:

She then introduced the Guild's executive, and asked for membership approval for the executive officers to continue their term until the 2025 AGM:

President - Carole G

Vice President - Heather T

Treasurer - Barbara W

Secretary - Karin K

Joanne Mc moved that the slate of executive officers be approved and be allowed to continue their term until the 2025 AGM.  The motion was seconded by Mary D and approved unanimously,

Financial Report:

Barbara W presented the financial report of the Guild, noting that the Guild had a small deficit, which was mostly due to timing of several expenses and more than covered by Guild financial reserves.  The guild also moved banks, and opened a GIC to invest the Guild's reserves.  She mentioned that the guild's books had been reviewed by an independent member, Michelle M, who had found them to be an accurate and reflective of the Guild's financial position.

Mary D moved that the financial report be approved.  The motion was seconded by Joanne Mc and approved unanimously.


The final piece of formal business was the adoption of new bylaws.  The Guild's current bylaws were written around the time of the guild's formation and no longer served the Guild.  The full wording of the proposed bylaws was circulated with the February and March meeting emails. 

Nancy K moved that the bylaws be adopted as circulated.  This was seconded by Josee E and approved unanimously.

The AGM portion of the meeting was adjourned at 7:37pm, and the programming meeting resumed.

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