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Summer Challenge - 2023

June is our last guild meeting before summer officially starts, so it's time to announce our Summer Challenge for 2023!

I used to be a Shirt

Dig up an old button-down shirt. It might be from your house, gifted from a friend, or purchased. Thrift shops offer lots of choices! Pair that up with white and/or cream quilting cotton, and make a mini!

Challenge Details:

  • MUST include fabric from only ONE (x1) button-down shirt

  • Pair the shirt with White and/or Cream.

  • Use any part of the shirt. Buttons, plackets, and hems are all fair game.

  • Backing & Binding = anything goes

  • Should be square, and between 18" and 24" per side.

  • Must include hanging corners on the quilt back – we’ll send a few tutorial links

  • Make sure your quilt gets a label!

  • Make and submit as many as you desire!

Mini quilts are due at our September Meeting, on September 21, 2023

Please reach out to Faye and Claire if you have additional questions. (or email

We can't wait to see what you make, and maybe you will be inspired to make a few!

Bonus: these minis fit the size requirement for submitting to QuiltCon.

This challenge was 100% inspired by North Jersey MQG. Their final quilts even had a gallery show. This link will take you to the show catalog, where you can see their finished quilts.


Quilt Hanging corners.

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