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Last Block Lotto for 2022

It's also only the 2nd one for this year! :-)

By special request, we are digging into the Calgary MQG Block Lotto archives from 2017, and we are making Modern (wonky) Trees. This time around, we're changing up the colour palette with one inspired by nature, for year-round enjoyment.


We are making the BIG blocks. They should come out about 7.5"x 9.5" unfinished. (most of mine were 9 - 9.25 high, that's okay) Don't trim them down. The trees themselves will come out in all different sizes and shapes, which is the fun part! The winner can decide how to trim them. I like the ones that lean a little. :-)

Fabric Choices

This photo from Pinterest/Last Footprints looks quite ominous, but I love a stormy sky, especially when contrasted with the glow of the sun! This color combination is so striking.

Pull out all those dark moody blues and greys, and contrast them with your best golds.

Both prints and solids are good, even better if mixed within the blocks.

Blocks Due at November Guild Meeting

Social media #'s @calgarymqg #calmqgblocklotto #calgarymqg

Remember, keep your fabric choices modern, and use fabrics you love!

General Lotto Rules:

1. Make one quilt block (or many) following the pattern and color scheme outlined in the lotto announcement blog post. For every block you make and bring to the following month’s meeting, you will get one entry in the lotto. If you are unable to attend the meeting, but really want to participate in the lotto, ask a friend to get your blocks to the meeting, but make sure they are named so we can properly account for your blocks.

2. The winner gets all the blocks to make a quilted project from them (We may hold a vote to split up the blocks between more than one winner if there are enough entries). If you win, the blocks become yours and you can use them in any way you choose. You may only win one group per lotto.

3. We would love to see your finished project, either in person or in pictures, once you are done.

4. Use modern fabrics that you like or love! If you are unsure about your fabric selection as it relates to 'Modern', please ask.

5. Have fun! Keep in mind that (most likely) someone else will be taking home your block to incorporate into a larger piece and things must fit together (literally, …so keeping your block true to size is probably the most important thing), but you should also make it yours and enjoy the process.

6. Remember, you must be a member of Calgary Modern Quilt Guild to participate.

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