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April meeting preview - Quilt Pattern Mart

Are you a rule-follower when it comes to patterns? Or do you use them as inspiration only?

Heather Kinion, founder of Quilt Pattern Mart will be joining us for the April meeting to chat about all of the things you can do with patterns. Heather will show us how to get great results in using patterns. Whether you are a brand new beginner who is new at making OR an experienced maker who rarely uses purchased patterns, knowing how to glean the right information for you from a pattern can be a key way to improve your quilting practice. Start thinking about how much patterns can give to you (whether you follow all the directions or not!), while Heather talks about the best practices and all the ways you can use a published pattern to love your end results.

We'd teased that our upcoming speakers have all graced the QuiltCon stage, and Heather is no exception - as President of the Board of Directors, she is also the host of the awards ceremony. Heather is a quilter, teacher, and small business owner. Her patterns have appeared in several quilt magazines, her quilts have hung at Quiltcon and Quilt Festival, and she has taught locally in Chicago at quilt shops and art centers. In 2020, she founded which is a marketplace for digital quilting patterns that sells patterns by dozens of modern quilt designers in one place. She is a member of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild and on the Board of Directors of the worldwide MQG where she currently serves as President.

Plus: Updates on April in-person sew day, upcoming April virtual sew day, and upcoming plans.

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