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November Meeting Preview

This month we welcome the Fibre Art Network's exhibition "For the Birds" depicting aspects of a bird’s life, interests and interactions with the world it inhabits, or is inspired by a bird-related idiom or adage. In addition, we'll have a demo on glue basting curves and a feature on improv.

As a reminder, we're winding down our meetings at Woodcreek Community Association, in anticipation to a move to a more central location of Wildwood. 2023 memberships or renewals are available by clicking here. If you renew or join us for 2023 and pay for your membership before the December meeting, you'll be put into a draw for a prize.

We'll get to see all of the Wonky Trees block lotto, and pick a winner. We're also taking expressions of interest for an ABQSS Quilt Documentation day, and you can let us know you're interested here

In our Community Giving corner, this is the last month to bring back Christmas Placemats back for Meals on Wheels. We'll also introduce a new Blocks for Good, due back in the new year.

The MQG resources are a great way to supplement everything we bring as a local guild, and the MQG has a series of fundamental resources to help you review or learn basic techniques for modern quilting.

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