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MQG Member Bonuses - Jacquie Gering

Back at the start of the pandemic, we were all looking for something to occupy our time during the most restrictive phases of lockdowns. The global MQG stepped in, producing a series of webinars every few weeks to give quilters some new perspective and new material to work through.

I've recently been asked to pick-out some of my favourite resources on the MQG site, and this particular webinar was top of my list! It was one of the webinars released during the early days of the pandemic, and features one of the founders of the Modern Quilt Guild organization, Jacquie Gering. Jacquie is well known for quilting on a domestic machine using a walking foot. If you don't use a walking foot to quilt, fear not, there's still plenty of fantastic material in this webinar. Jacquie's explanation of presser foot tension and what to look for in a well-tensioned piece are invaluable pieces of info.

To view Jacquie's webinar, click here (member log-in required)

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