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MQG Member Resources - Curves

Curves look amazing in modern quilt patterns, as the look really tricky. Fortunately, the MQG has lots of resources that you can use to demystify sewing a curved seam. Here's some of the resources you can use to help make your next modern curved quilt. Credit to Bobbi Gentili for the Double Bubble quilt below.

MQG Blocks:

Punch - Erin Case

MQG Patterns:

Double Bubble - Bobbi Gentili

Playtime - Karen Kehl

Astro Quilt - Patty Dudek

Ribbons - Sara Ruiz

Bridges - Anne Sullivan

Phoenix - Anne Sullivan

MQG Webinars:

Sew All the Curves - Jen Carlton Bailey

Itty Bitty Curvesy - Curvelets - Jen Carlton Bailey

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