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Blocks for Good - Round Two

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Scrap Buster Edition

We are running this round for 2 months, so it will be a good little project to keep you going over the holidays.

This Scrap Buster block has been very successful for our Community Giving program in the past. In 2017 we collected 200+ blocks. We made them into 6 quilts which then went to Sonshine Community Services. Read all about it here!

We know those scraps have a way of multiplying and this is a great way to bring them back under control!

Are you up for the challenge?

This block is super easy, so not much instruction is needed.

  • Dig into your scrap bins. If your scraps are already colour sorted, then your task is even easier! If not, maybe you are ready to spend some time colour-sorting your scraps.

  • Pull a stack of strips in a single colourway. For example, all pink. Any colour is fair game., orange, grey, white, you name it, but just one colourway per block. Lights, darks and everything in between.

  • You will want strips a bit longer than 12.5" and ranging from approx 1.5-3" wide. Just whatever you have. Yes, you can join strips together if they are too short.

  • Sew your strips together until you have a square a bit bigger than 12.5, then trim to 12.5. If you would prefer not to trim, that's ok. We can trim on a sew day.

Make as many blocks as you like. It's okay if all you make are green blocks! Once we receive all of the blocks, we will mix up the colours ready for the final steps of block construction, We'll bring them to a Community Giving Sew Day, and/or put them into take-home sewing kits.

Let's be social! Tag us on Instagram @calgarymqg and use these hashtags. #calgarymqgblocksforgood #calgarymqg

Blocks due at Calgary MQG January meeting.

Full quilt tutorial from Janet @ Simply Pieced.

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