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What's Washi?

Do you use washi tape as a regular part of your quilting practice? Or is it new to you? And what is washi tape?

Washi tape is similar to low tack masking tape or painter's tape, but it comes in all kinds of cute designs. And similar to painter's tape, it is one of the most useful tools in the quilter's toolbox. To explore all of the uses of washi tape, we're going to start out with one of my personal favourites - using it as a seam guide.

Although any section of washi can mark out a quarter-inch from the needle for you, having lines that are a quarter inch across already drawn on your washi is very handy! Position the centre line at your needle position, and your quarter inch seam allowance is marked for you. If you're looking for a scant quarter inch that works for you, adjust where the line marking the needle position lies to your preference.

Having washi marked in this way makes allows you to create of binding or snowballed corners without marking them - put your needle on one corner, the other corner on the line marking the needle position, and sew away!

Binding is also super easy to create using this method - no marking, and your corners line up perfectly (or mostly perfectly)

Do you have other uses for washi tape? Where else do you use painter's tape in your quilting practice? Leave us a comment below if you have other ideas.

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