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Washi Part 3 - The time savers!

Washi is a great way to keep organized while you're quilting. Although being organized and efficient isn't always our strong suit, and certainly isn't always mine, keeping everything together helps you devote more time to the parts of quilting that you do like, and breeze through things that you find less enjoyable.

  • Whether you're fussy cutting or need to make multiple cuts of one shape, using washi to block out a ruler to the exact size that you need to cut helps you quickly locate the size and shape you're about to cut.

  • Keep your checklists, charts, working notes and any other project specific documents handy. If you have a project that involves multiple blocks, stages or other things you need to keep track of, any of your working documents can be taped to the front cover of the pattern or onto the project box or bag.

  • Make quick bookmarks, and be able to locate a frequently referenced document or the step you need to complete next.

We hope you use some of these ideas as you work on your next quilt!

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