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Stampede is back, and we were there!

The Calgary MQG was welcomed at the Calgary Stampede's Creative Arts & Crafts display yesterday. An internet outage meant that we couldn't share live, but we're exited to showcase our display. Our guild day coincided with the Calgary Stampede parade day, and with free entry offered after the parade, many Calgarians took advantage of the deal to come down to the grounds. We definitely saw the effects of yesterday's record attendance - over 130,000 Calgarians and visitors came down to the grounds - and we loved chatting with all our guild members and potential guild members who stopped by.

If you're new here, please check out our membership page and consider joining the guild. We welcome members of all experience levels, and there is no obligation to participate in any of our programming, although we'd love to have you join in the fun!

The Creative Arts & Crafts section of the Calgary Stampede also features Calgary's largest judged crafts and maker competition. We're excited that so many of our guild members entered, and a number of them placed in their categories. With that, we wanted to share the incredible quilt coat of our guild member Phillipa G, who won the Functional Handmade Art section.

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