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May Meeting Preview

We're looking forward to our May 18th meeting - 7pm at Wildwood Community Centre. We're also hoping for rain to clear out the smoke and to give residents and first responders a break from wildfire threat.

This month, we welcome members Melanie and Anastasia, (also AuntieAndAnnie) who will be talking and demonstrating tools and techniques that you can use to up your pressing game. Nice, flat quilt blocks and seams will improve the look of your quilt. Whether you're quilting a quilt yourself or turning it over to a longarmer, having a well-pressed top is also much easier to quilt.

We're also welcoming members Faye and Claire in our Members Showcase. This is a chance to see a quilters work evolve over time and to hear more detail on their creative process.

We'll be drawing for block lotto, so please bring back your "plus sign" blocks. We'll also be introducing a new blocks for good (block to be released on the blog at the meeting), which you can return at either the June or July meetings. Plus everyone's favourite - Show and Tell!

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