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March Meeting Preview

We're welcoming Tighe Flanagan. Tighe has a background in visual arts and Middle Eastern studies and loves to combine these passions through patchwork and quilting. His creative work is greatly influenced by a sense of place — those he has visited and researched as well as his home in Washington, DC. In addition to quilting and patchwork, Tighe enjoys sewing menswear and teaching others new skills and techniques.

Tighe will be chatting with us about strategies for sewing complex designs, including use of technology.

Beyond that, we'll have a sew day on March 26th. From 10 to 2, we'll be on Zoom with some activities, fun and prizes. RSVP on our website to join in.

Lastly, if you'd like to see all of the 2022 QuiltCon Quilts, you can purchase digital access, which expires March 31, 2022:

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