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It's almost time for the Calgary MQG 2023 Fall Retreat!

Want a couple of days away in the mountains with like minded quilters? A flexible style of retreat that accommodate the needs that you might have? An enviable view while working away?

We're pleased to announce the second annual Calgary MQG fall retreat at the Canmore Inn and Suites from October 13-15. Sign-ups open on September 5th for Calgary MQG members only, and your fee is due upon registration. We offer the ability to transfer your retreat to someone else, but no refunds after payment.

What the retreat fee of $150 includes:

- Access to the Ballroom / Sewing Space from Noon Friday to 4pm Sunday. The ballroom has excellent views of the Three Sisters.

- Dedicated 8 foot sewing space per participant with power

- Ironing stations/boards and raised cutting station

- Discounted room block at the Canmore Inn and Suites

- Morning Coffee/Tea

Outside of the retreat fee:

- Accommodations. If you have access to other accommodations in Canmore, feel free to use them, otherwise the hotel has a discounted rate. (Note that hotel check-in is 4pm Friday)

- Meals - There are a number of convenient options, ranging from grocery stores through to fine dining. Usually small groups of participants will organize themselves for meals. Most rooms have a mini-fridge and microwave.

- Transportation to & from Canmore.

Why we run the retreat this way?

We know that everyone has their own preferences, from wanting a solo room away from the kids, having accompanying spouses that can keep themselves busy during the day, those having dietary requirements to those who want to maximize their sewing time with as few distractions as possible. This allows everyone to construct their own retreat weekend while being able to sew with others in the guild.

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Άγνωστο μέλος
21 Αυγ 2023

Hey unknown member I love the bags you make.

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Άγνωστο μέλος
21 Αυγ 2023
Απάντηση σε

It was a table mate the other night who suggested I teach a bag. I'll be happy to do it, thought maybe the retreat would be a good time/place. :)

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Άγνωστο μέλος
19 Αυγ 2023

Hi everyone - someone who shall remain nameless, told me I should teach a bag class. I said I would if asked. But then I got thinking that's what I'll be doing at the retreat - making bags. So if anyone is interested we can arrange a "sew along". I'll have several different ones cut so you can chose from simple to more complex, or even just bring one you want to make. For example, Noodlehead has a free pattern for the "Open Wide Pouch" in three sizes (link below). I've made millions. They are fast and easy and a good first bag with a zipper. If you let me know that you are interested, we can w…

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